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This page describes where Jira administrators can find saved information about customers and organizations.

The collected information about customers is available on Jira Service Management:

The service agent has got also access to the People section.

If somebody sees a service project on the list but with the warning "You don't have permission to see customers in this project.", it means that he doesn't have a Service Project Agent permission.

🐾 Steps

  1. Click on the Apps in the top navigation, choose Customer Details.

  2. Select People in the left panel.

  3. The table loads.

  • Grouped by projects: A list contains all service projects to which you have Browse Project permission with their name and project key. Next to the name you see the label with a number of customers added to the project.

  • Filters: Limit the view only to one project in which you're interested now. Search by Name and email or Field values.

  • Columns: Select which columns you want to display in the table. Columns that can't be hidden are listed below:

    • Name

    • Requests

    • Email

  • More information: Here you can find the full customer profile. Click on the value to edit it.

You can't edit the values displayed in the Personal details section. They are provided by the customer in his Atlassian account.