Design a form

This page describes how to configure a form to collect data about customers and organizations.

To start working with our app, you have to design a form which includes all fields in which you will store data about customers and organizations. Currently, we support the field types listed below:

  • Short description

  • Paragraph

  • Rich Text

  • Date

  • Dropdown

  • Checkbox

  • Number (only integer numbers)

  • Email (we validate @ followed by at least one letter and a dot)

  • Link (we validate http:// or https://)

For all of the following procedures, you must be logged in as a user with the Jira Administrators global permission.

🐾 Steps

1. Click on the Apps in the top navigation, choose Customer Details.

2. Select Design a form in the left panel.

3. The creation form loads. You have to configure separate forms to collect data about Customers and Organizations (switch between tabs).

4. Switch the Enable on Portal toggle to on. If you want to share forms only with service agents, leave this toggle off.

5. Put a Name displayed at the top of the dialog. By default: Update profile.

6. Enter a Short description to explain why you want to get data from customers. By default: Please provide additional information about yourself.

7. Drag a field type to the left area to create a field for dialog. Currently, we support Short text and Paragraph.

8. Set the following configuration:

  • Label - displayed above the field

  • Field help - displayed below the field

  • Editable by - All users and customers (default) or Only service agent

  • Value visible on - Issue view and Customer Portal (by default: both options are selected)

9. Add as many fields as you need. You don't have any limitations!

10. Click Save to save the configuration of the form.

🎉 Result

The form has been configured. You can start collecting information about your Customers and Organizations!